Scale Ticket Level Management Mode - Lock Scale Ticket Schedules Utility


In Grain, there are two models of operation: Standard model where Scale Tickets are directly associated to the Assembly and Scale Ticket Level Management where Scale Tickets have an independent relationship to the Assembly. Set up for these two models is inherently different and therefore are not interchangeable within Grain.

The information listed in this document is specific to the Scale Ticket Level Management model.

The Lock Scale Ticket Schedules Utility marks all split lines of a ticket as Reshrunk.  This utility is primarily used for companies that shrink by disposition of the splits at the time of importing tickets into Agvance Grain.


To access this utility in the Grain module, select Utilities / Lock Scale Ticket Schedules.

The Lock Scale Ticket Utility updates non-reversed, non-direct shipped, grain posted tickets which are On or Before the selected date and have aged by the Number of Days entered (grace days can be given for the grower to decide).   The Scale Tickets considered for locking must also be dated within the Start Date and End Date range.

When a split line is marked as Reshrunk, the dock, shrink, and drying schedules are not updated when changing the DPR of the split line.

After designating the Number of Days, the On or Before date, the Start Date and End Date range in the Include Scale Tickets section and setting the Save Set date values, run the utility once by selecting Lock Ticket Schedules. This completes the manual setup.

The utility can be run from AGVAgent after the setup is complete and run manually the first time.  Once run manually, Save Set/Load Set may be selected in AGVAgent.

Note: If the Reshrink Utility is used, locking will be complete and the Lock Scale Ticket Schedules Utility is not needed.