Pay Vendor with a Credit Card

Some vendors require payments to be made with a credit card. The following provides instructions on how to update inventory for one vendor and have a bill for another.

A Purchase Invoice should already be entered using normal purchasing processes (starting with a Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt, or direct Purchase Invoice) for the inventory vendor.

  1. After the Purchase Invoice has been entered, navigate to Accounting / A/P / Pay Bills
  2. Choose the appropriate Vendor and enter the Check Date.
  3. Once the grid opens, select Memo Checks at the top, then untag any Invoices that should not be paid.
  4. Indicate the G/L account by double-clicking in the Checking Account field and selecting from the window that displays.
  5. Make sure plain paper is in the printer since this will print just like a check and select OK.
  6. When the actual credit card bill arrives, enter the charge from this bill for the credit card vendor at Accounting / A/P / Add/Edit Bills using the same G/L account from the Memo Check. The net effect on the account will be zero.

This process may be used to pay non-inventory related A/P Bills also if a credit card is required.