STLM Purchase Contract Migration

Migrate part or all of a non-priced Purchase Contract by creating a new Priced Contract before units are applied.

The migration of Purchase Contracts allows for the Scale Tickets with open units on a Scale Ticket referenced by a Settlement or with child/parent split records with Settlements referenced. These Scale Tickets will be switched to share units prorating the freight percent to each of these overfill lines. The preexisting charges and charge amount paid will be prorated based on units moving to the new split line. The Drying Bank transferred will be the amount needed from the new schedule to cover the drying on the new split to the amount paid on the source split line.

  1. Go to Operations / Purchase Contracts. Highlight the contract and select Migrate
  2. The Migration window will display to select the number of units to migrate and the price for the new contract. If there are no tickets applied to the contract, select Save to create the new contract. 
  3. Once the new contract is created, the price is verified and the delivery dates and futures month is updated to complete the contract.