Geocoding Field for Use in Dispatch

Q.  I am unable to see fields on maps in Dispatch or receive a Google link in Mobile Job Manager.

A.  When tickets display in red in the Dispatch Agronomy Work Order grid and are not plotted on the maps, and/or Mobile Job Manager devices are not receiving the Google link for directions, a georeferenced point is not setup. Georeferencing, or geocoding, assigns a spatial point to represent where the field, tank, customer, or customer Ship To is located. These points allow maps to display the location of a field a ticket is referencing. Geocoding can be completed using the Geocode Agvance Data utility found at Hub / Setup / Geocode Agvance Data.

On the Geocode Utility window, select the Type of data to be geocoded, and filter for any additional information. Select Get Records to load the data into the grid. Optionally, geocode the data manually by selecting the row of data and use the Find button and Zoom function. When the desired area is found, right click on the location of the georeferenced point. If the data to be geocoded has a valid, recognizable address, select the Calculate All Lat/Lons button to automatically geocode the data and enter the Accuracy grade of the georeferenced addresses. If fields have boundaries in Agvance, the georeferencing can be calculated based on those boundaries. With latitudes and longitudes entered, select the Save Lat/Lon to selected row button to save the whole grid or highlight a row and select Save Lat/Lon to selected row.