Dispatch Grid Functions

Sort by Ascending/Descending

Selecting the column heading in the Agronomy Work Orders grid allows sorting the rows in ascending order based on the column heading chosen. Selecting the heading a second time sorts in descending order.

Change Ticket Status

The dispatcher may change the status of the jobs by setting the status in the Change to Status column and saving the jobs.

Assign Applicator/Vehicle

The dispatcher views or assigns a vehicle/applicator to a job by selecting from the list of applicators and vehicles. (If the Mobile App is being used, this may assign the job to a device as well.) This information is also stored in the first line of the applicator/vehicle grid in the Additional Info area of the Blend Ticket or Delivery Ticket.

A copy down function is available for the Applicator and Vehicle ID columns to quickly set an applicator or vehicle on multiple tickets in the grid. To utilize the copy down function, use the filters to display the jobs in the grid to be updated. Set the applicator or vehicle on the first applicable job, and then right-click to select the copy down function. This copies the applicator or vehicle to all rows below the selected row.

Set Job Order

The dispatcher sets the job order for each of the jobs in the grid by entering a number to the J.O.# column. This job order is sent to the devices so the dispatcher controls the order the jobs display on the device. A job that does not have a Job Order number assigned has a value of 0 as the number and is added to the top of the list of current jobs on the device. After the jobs are sorted by Job Order Number, they are then sorted by Job ID, and then by the order the messages were sent through the web server.

Set Scheduled Date/Time

The dispatcher may view or enter a scheduled date/time for the job. This date may have been originally populated from the ticket, but changes to the scheduled date/time in this grid do not affect the scheduled date/time originally stored with the ticket at time of save.

Set Ship Via

The dispatcher may identify the Ship Via method for the job from this grid. This information saves back to the Ship Via stored in the Additional Info area of the original ticket.

Enter Dispatch Comment

The dispatcher may enter a dispatch comment for each job in the list. This comment can be used to filter the list of jobs by comment so only certain jobs show up based on this comment. These comments may have also been entered when the original ticket was added.

Set Job Priority

The dispatcher sets jobs to priority 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 in the grid. This information may have been originally populated from the ticket, but changes to the priority in this grid do not affect the priority originally stored with the ticket at time of save.


One of the columns in the Agronomy Work Orders grid is an Info option. Selecting Info displays a window showing the customer profile info on the Grower tab, field profile info on the Field tab, Blend or Delivery Ticket information on the Ticket tab (including all products on the ticket), and map views on the Maps tab.

The Ticket tab also contains a Copy File(s) option that allows the dispatcher to copy the files attached to a Blend Ticket. This sends the attached files with the job to the applicator.

Ship From Location

This option relates to the Dispatch module only. Specifying a Ship From Location on the product set allows the Dispatcher to be more in control of products available when selecting product sets in Dispatch to create automated blender files. This is available regardless of the selections in Accounting for the Ship From Location or Sell From DeptID preferences. Setting a location on a job through one of the viewing options (Ship From or Sell From) has the original product set associated with the blend, as well as any other product sets from other locations which match that location, available in the Product Set drop down list.

Sell From Dept ID

This is an option selection in the grid that allows the dispatcher to select the department from the location that will fill each product. When the ticket is loaded, the selected inventory department will be affected by the ticket. This Sell From Dept ID option is found at Accounting / Setup / Preferences on the Inventory Delivery Ticket tab.

Send Message

This option gives the dispatcher the ability to send a message to the applicator’s device. The message may optionally contain attachments related to the job. Also, there are options for the dispatcher to send messages to the devices associated with this job, and include the route data.