Calculation Of Discount On Partial Customer Payment

Agvance calculates the discount as follows:

(Amount to be paid less discount/ total due on the invoice less discount) * total amount of the discount

Example 1

Customer has an invoice for $4,729.40 with a discount of $94.59 as displayed at the payment on account screen when adding a payment.

After entering a partial payment of $4,602.52 in the Payment Amount field, choose Auto Apply. The new discount amount will be calculated and will display in the Discount column in the grid.

Agvance calculates the discount as $93.93 or (4602.52/4634.81)*94.59.

Example 2

This Customer has a $1500.00 invoice with a $30.00 discount as displayed at the Payment on Account screen when adding a payment.

The Customer is going to pay $500.00. A $10.00 discount has been entered at the top of the screen. Upon selecting Auto Apply, the Discount in the grid is calculated as $10.20 or (510/1,500)*30.00.

Trying to save the payment above would result with a message stating The discount amount does not match the discount grid total. Do you wish to override the discount amount? Yes/No. The appropriate option can then be selected for the situation.