Discount Allocation Report

The Discount Allocation report at Accounting Reports / Accounts Receivable / Sales displays the total discounts taken by Product and Department for the selected Customer(s) and Product(s). The report includes Invoices for which payments have been taken for the range selected. This can be used to help determine how to allocate the discount dollars across Locations.

  • Offered Discount – The total discount offered for the product based on the Payment Term set on the invoice.
  • Prorated Disc. Taken – The discount taken at the Payment on Account window whether a discount was originally offered on the invoice or not.

Note: If a partial payment with a discount is taken or if a payment with a discount is taken on Invoices with no discountable Products, the discount will be prorated/allocated to all line items based on that Product’s percentage of the total Invoice.

Choosing the Group by Location option may be helpful when reconciling the Location default Sales Discount General Ledger Accounts. Be sure to take into consideration if the default Sales Discount account was changed when a payment was accepted.