Crop Protection Cost Sheet Import

The Cost Sheet Import allows the retailer's cost for crop protection products to be imported into a specific cost level.

  1. Go to Accounting / Transfers / Import / Electronic Price Sheet and change the drop-down to Cost
  2. Select a Location and Cost Level
  3. Optionally select the Update master product location instead of selected option and choose Get Costs
  4. On the Electronic Price Sheet Details window, add a product to the Products Found list. 
  5. In the Products Not Found grid, double-click on the Supplier Product Name
  6. Highlight the corresponding Agvance product and choose Select.
    Note: This sets the attribute value for the Supplier ID and Supplier UoM on the Agvance product. 
  7. Select the Update attributes across matching products option to select products from one location and update category matching products at all locations.