Business Influences on Bookings

Larger customers or companies may have a business relationship with other accounts such as other customers, farms or entities. They want these accounts to be billed separately but they want to book all the product under the main account because at the time the product is booked, it is unknown how much the individual accounts will need. Business Influences on Bookings gives the ability to have a single, large contract for the main customer, farm or company account and then use it for their related accounts.

First, on the Setup / Location Preferences / Invoice tab, enable the Use Business Influence Bookings preference.

To use Business Influences, some set up is required. For information about this process, please see Business Influence Setup.

After Business Influences are established, when adding a Booking, select the Business Influence.

The Booking can then be used at invoicing by the original customer on the Booking, or by any of the customers listed in the Business Influence group.

Bookings default in to be used on Invoices under the normal Booking hierarchy rules with Business Influence Bookings checked last. If a Business Influence Booking is available for a line item, it displays as View. At the Booking Detail screen, the Bus. Inf. Bookings button displays in red.

Clicking the button allows the desired Business Influence Booking to be selected.

Only unpaid Bookings with a Business Influence selected are recognized at the time of invoicing. A Business Influence may be selected on a paid Booking but will not be available to use on an Invoice by anyone except the customer on the Booking.