Benefits of Hosting Your Agvance in the Cloud

Our Agvance servers in the AWS environment give you access to Agvance programs and data using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).  As an additional benefit, using Agvance servers gives you access to Agvance SKY to access data from anywhere using an Internet browser.  


  1. Agvance updates are installed after hours by our staff. Installing updates can be stressful and time consuming. Often, hardware technicians or our support team are called to assist with getting these updates installed properly. With your Agvance in the cloud, you never have to worry about installing another update. We take care of them for you
  2. Windows updates and Microsoft Remote Desktop licenses are managed by SSI. Not only are Agvance Updates managed by our staff, we also manage Windows updates. Keeping Windows updated is a key aspect of maintaining the health and performance of your server. We handle the Remote Desktop licensing needed to log into your Windows session on the server too. 
  3. Server metrics are monitored to spot issues before they impact your business. We constantly monitor how much CPU, memory, and disk space is being used, allowing us to preemptively deal with any performance issues that may arise.
  4. Backups are handled. One of the most important tasks of an IT staff is to back things up. We back up everything, and we back it up often. The server is backed up on a nightly basis and these backups are retained for 2-3 weeks. Your complex Agvance databases are also backed up. Agvance utilizes SQL server database files, which are complicated files to back up. We make copies of your Agvance databases on an hourly basis, too. This means we can often restore a backup of your Agvance data from within the hour if needed.
  5. Hardware disasters handled. A server failing can often lead to the loss of a day or longer for your business. Often, hardware must be replaced and data restored in these cases, which takes time. One of the biggest benefits of Agvance in the cloud is the resiliency it affords our customers. In the rare instance your Agvance server goes down, we can get your server back up and running within minutes with no worries about buying new hardware or paying someone to come on-site.  This process is completely handled by our IT staff.
  6. High availability in the case of a hardware emergency. In the case of a hardware emergency outside of our normal business hours, our customers may email to get assistance. So, if your server goes down on a Saturday, one of our techs is available to help get your server back up and running.
  7. Provides business flexibility. Your business changes over time. When hardware is purchased, you are locked in to having that same size server for years, or buying new hardware. Agvance in the cloud allows the flexibility to adjust the size of your server as needed. You only pay for hardware resources you need..
  8. Work remotely. With Agvance in the cloud, you can remote into your server using an Internet browser, from anywhere you like.
  9. We have staff resources available. Our IT staff works closely with our support staff and development teams. When a problem arises with Agvance or your server, you only need to call one number. This is much easier than coordinating when an IT person can come on-site to work and when an Agvance representative can assist you. Coordinating schedules can be difficult and time-consuming. With Agvance in the cloud, our IT team can work quickly and efficiently with our support staff and development teams to get all facets of your Agvance-related business back up and running.
  10. Many issues can be fixed without interrupting your day. When our IT staff manages your server, a lot of troubleshooting is done behind the scenes. With on-site servers, we often need to contact you or a server administrator for information, such as passwords or server information. Agvance in the cloud eliminates this stress.
  11. It is the first step in preparing your company for Agvance SKY. You will want to take full advantage of the next generation of SSI products that include a combination of modern web and native mobile apps residing in the cloud. Agvance in the cloud is the important first step that starts you on the path to be ready for this new, intuitive user experience. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing Agvance in the cloud gives our customers is peace of mind. Cloud computing is the direction businesses are heading for their technological needs. We are always looking for new ways to meet your business needs, and this is an essential step in improving the technological aspect of your business.