Booking Product Substitution Utility

Substitute products on unpaid Bookings at Accounting / Utilities / Booking Product Substitution. Note that products must be of like Units of Measure and there are limitations as to which types of Bookings can be updated.

Only certain Bookings are eligible for substitutions:

  • Bookings not marked as invoiced, voided, or deleted
  • Split Bookings if neither customer's portion has been invoiced

It is important to note:

  • Partial quantities cannot be substituted. The quantity to be substituted is all or none for a line item.
  • If the original product is on a Booking more than once (multiple lines for the same product), the line added for the new product will not be a sum of the original lines. Multiple lines will be added for the new product.
  • Bookings associated with Grower Orders and Bookings with an associated Sales Contract are not eligible for substitutions using this utility.

  1. Choose the appropriate location from the Location drop-down.
  2. Double-click in the <Product> field to choose the original product needing substituted. Unpaid Bookings containing that product will display in the grid.
  3. Double-click in the <Substitute> field to select the new product replacing the original.
  4. Check the Include checkbox for each Booking to make this substitution or choose Tag All/Untag All to select or deselect all Bookings listed.
  5. Select Save to update included Bookings.

Note: Running this utility while others are adding, editing, invoicing, or paying Bookings containing these products will cause data issues.