Grower Order Product Substitution

A Grower Order Product Substitution utility is available to assist in locating all Grower Orders for a specific Vendor and Location containing the selected Product. This Product can be substituted for a new Product using the utility.


  1. Go to Accounting / Inventory / Manage Seed Order / Grower Order Product Substitution.
  2. On the Grower Order Product Substitution window, select the desired Vendor and Location.
  3. Double-click in the Product field and choose the product to be changed. This loads all Grower Orders with the selected product in the grid at the bottom of the window.
  4. Double-click in the Substitute field and choose the product to be substituted.
  5. The Product Position section shows the Agv. Qty, Dealer Qty, and Long/Short information for the product being replaced. This is pulled from the vendor's B2B portal.
  6. Choose the Grower Orders to include in the product substitution by selecting the Include option. To select all Grower Orders in the grid, choose Tag All.
    Note: Rows with a Status of Ineligible will be grayed out and are not available to include.
  7. The Ordered Qty and Substituted Qty columns are available to give the ability to request only a partial substitution up to the original amount requested.
  8. Select Save. Changes are communicated to the supplier and the Grower Order, Booking, and applicable Purchase Order are updated.