Blend Tickets - Inform

If Multi-Factor Authentication is enabled in SKY, the following screen will display upon signing into Inform. Enter the code received either via text or authenticator app. See here for more information on Multi-Factor Authentication.

When opening the app, a listing of Blend Tickets displays. Ticket details including the Customer, Field, Field Size, and job status are available. Choosing Expand displays additional information.

Tap Select or press and hold a Blend Ticket to enter Select mode. From there, tap the desired jobs then choose Set Status to change set the ticket to Ready or On Hold.

Note: Only unassigned jobs can have their statuses changed.

Select the Search icon to search for a specific customer or Blend Ticket. 

Tap the Filters icon to filter jobs by Salesperson Assignment, Ticket Status, Ticket Type, Requested Date Range, Location, Crop, Crop Chemistry, Custom Tag, or Type of Work.

Select Send Message to communicate with a dispatcher regarding that specific job.

Selecting a job displays Job Information and Products. The Priority and Requested Date can be changed here by selecting the current values. To remove the Requested Date choose the red X.

Choose MARK NOT READY or MARK AS READY to update the status of the Blend Ticket. Tap Show Job on Map to display the Map view.