SKY Inform

The Inform app enables mobile staff the flexibility for communications and status updates in real time. Viewing application status and providing new updates from the field allows mobile users to stay updated and make on-the-go changes.


Inform Fact Sheet
The Inform app equips sales staff and other mobile personnel with real-time updates on application status and job progress.
Blend Tickets - Inform
If Multi-Factor Authentication is enabled in SKY, the following screen will display upon signing into Inform. Enter the code received either via text or authenticator app. See here for more information on Multi-Factor Authentication. When open...
Map - Inform
The Map view displays field boundaries for the job. Fields can also be marked with the appropriate crop technology to help battle misapplication and drift issues by selecting the Blue Chemistry Beaker icon found in the lower right-hand side ...
Settings - Inform
Under Settings , select the App Theme . Device Default uses the device's settings to determine if the app should display with the Light or Dark Theme . Alternatively, choose Light Theme or Dark Theme to ignore the device's settings. ...