Agvance Dispatch Integration with DriftWatch

Q.  How does Agvance Dispatch integrate with DriftWatch? 

A.  DriftWatch is an open source tool, created by FieldWatch, used to track and communicate sensitive areas, such as specialty crops, vegetable crops, or beehives. This tool allows reported, sensitive areas to be layered with Agvance maps. As of 2015, DriftWatch contains information for the following states/provinces: Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan. This information is viewable on the Agvance Dispatch maps using an API Key from FieldWatch, which may be accessed by here. To receive an API Key, sign up for a membership on the FieldWatch website. There is a charge per year, per state for the DriftWatch API Key. However, there is no additional charge from SSI.

To set up DriftWatch in Agvance, enter the API Key received from DriftWatch at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences / API / DriftWatch in the DriftWatch API Key field. 

Once saved, the information provided from DriftWatch is then available on maps in Dispatch by selecting DriftWatch

If using the Live Map, select Options / Show DriftWatch

The map will load the sensitive areas for the map extents. If the map is panned or zoomed to show different extents, reselect the DriftWatch button or go to Options / Show DriftWatch. If the extents are zoomed out too far, a message displays to zoom in before the data can be displayed.