Displaying DriftWatch Data on Maps

Q.  How can DriftWatch data be displayed on maps in Agvance?

A.  A DriftWatch API Token must be obtained from DriftWatch to link this data to an Agvance database.

There are several areas that DriftWatch data may be displayed and/or printed in Agvance.

After a DriftWatch API Token is obtained, setup in Agvance can begin.

Contact Information for DriftWatch

Legal Address: 

FieldWatch, Inc.
Purdue Research Park
1281 Win Hentschel Blvd.
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Mailing/Billing Address: 

FieldWatch, Inc.
90 East Cedar Street
Zionsville, IN 46077
Attn: Customer Service

Email your inquiry to info@fieldwatch.com.

Visit their website at http://www.fieldwatch.com/contact-us.html.

Setup for DriftWatch Data to Be Displayed outside of Agvance Mapping

A DriftWatch API Token must be entered in the DriftWatch API Key textbox at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences / API / DriftWatch.

In the grid, choose the columns from DriftWatch to include on the bottom of the Full Page map.

In the Order column, select the desired order for the columns to print.

Note: This must be consecutive numeric values beginning at 1 with no duplicates. If duplicates or zeros are entered, a standard default column setting will be used on the Full Page map.

After the DriftWatch API Token is entered, DriftWatch data will be available to print on Custom Application sheets from Blending or Dispatch. Additional setup is required to view DriftWatch information in the Mapping module.

Note: DriftWatch data is available on the Individual and Combined formats of the Custom Application sheets.

In Blending / Print Blend Documents, select the DriftWatch option in the Individual Custom App. Options grid to include DriftWatch data. The number in the DriftWatch Ft From Center column represents how many feet from the center of the field boundary that DriftWatch data is desired. In the example below, DriftWatch data will be shown within 5,280 feet of the center of the field boundary. 

Below is an example of the Custom Application sheet with a field surrounded by DriftWatch fields. The yellow boundary is the field on the ticket. The red dots with the letters and numbers denote what DriftWatch data is represented. Details for this information displays at the bottom of the Full Page map as shown in the second image.

Setup for DriftWatch Data to Be Displayed in Agvance Mapping

After the DriftWatch URL and API Token are obtained, they must be placed in Agvance Mapping by navigating to Mapping / Add-Ons / DriftWatch.

On the DriftWatch window, select the chain link button and enter the FieldWatch URL and API Token. Click OK. DriftWatch is then linked to Agvance Mapping.

After the Agvance Mapping setup is complete, DriftWatch data will be available to display in Agvance Mapping. When zoomed in to a field in Mapping, open the Add-Ons menu and select DriftWatch. On the DriftWatch window, choose the Refresh button (green arrows) to display the DriftWatch data. Options are available in the Attribute dropdown menu to view the available information provided by DriftWatch. 

Below is an example of the Mapping window with DriftWatch data displayed. The yellow boundary is the field selected in Mapping.