Workbooks and Sheets - SKY Analytics

A workbook contains sheets which can be a worksheet, a dashboard, or a story. A Dashboard is a collection of views from multiple worksheets. 

Creating Worksheets, Dashboards, or Stories

There are multiple options when setting up new Worksheets, Dashboards, and Stories: 

  • Select New Worksheet, New Dashboard, or New Story at the bottom of the workbook. 
  • Go to Worksheet / New Worksheet or Dashboard / New Dashboard at the top of the menu. 
  • Right-click any open workbook tab and select New Worksheet, New Dashboard, or New Story
  • On the toolbar, select the drop-down arrow on New Worksheet and select New Worksheet, New Dashboard, or New Story.

Renaming Worksheets, Dashboards, Stories, or Sheets

  • To rename a Worksheet, Dashboard, or Story, right-click the tab then select Rename
  • To rename an active sheet, right-click, the sheet in the Sheet tab at the bottom of the workbook and select Rename Sheet. Another option is to double-click the sheet name in a Sheet tab, enter the new name, and select Enter.

Undo, Redo, or Clear Sheets

  • To move backward, select Undo on the toolbar. Selecting Redo moves forward. 
  • To remove all fields, formatting, sizing, axis ranges, filters, sorts, and context filters in the sheet, select Clear Sheet on the toolbar. To clear specific aspects, use the Clear Sheet drop-down menu.
    Note: Clear commands on the toolbar do not clear history. Select Undo to revert a clear command.

Duplicate Worksheets, Dashboards, Stories, Sheets, and Crosstabs

  • Right-click the sheet tab and select Duplicate to create a new version of a Worksheet, Dashboard, or Story with the same fields and settings. Changes to the duplicate do not affect the original. New versions of Dashboards reference original Worksheets used to create the Dashboard. 
  • A Crosstab or Pivot Table summarizes data in rows and columns of text. To create a new Crosstab sheet, right-click the sheet tab and select Duplicate as Crosstab or go to Worksheet / Duplicate as Crosstab. A new worksheet added into the workbook is populated with a crosstab view of the data from the original Worksheet. Dashboards and Stories cannot be duplicated as Crosstabs.

View Underlying Data in a Sheet

  • Hover over or select a Mark to display the associated data in a tooltip. With the tooltip open, select View Data
  • Right-click the view with no Marks selected and choose View Data
  • Copy and paste the data into Excel or another application. To export underlying data, select Download all rows as a text file.

Delete Sheets

  • Delete a sheet to remove it from the Workbook. One Worksheet per Workbook must remain. Worksheets used in a Dashboard or Story cannot be deleted but can be hidden. 
  • To delete the active sheet, right-click the Sheet tab and select Delete.