Toolbar Reference - SKY Analytics

The following are options available in the bottom toolbar when viewing a dashboard in Analytics.

Undo – Reverse the most recent action in the workbook. Reverse an unlimited number of times back to the last time the workbook opened, even after saving.
Redo – Repeat the last action reversed with Undo an unlimited number of times.
Reset View – Reset the current view.
Refresh Data – Refresh the data in this view.
Pause Data – Control view updates when changes are made. Use the drop-down menu to automatically update the entire sheet or use the filters.
Replay Animation – For dashboards with animations, select this button to replay the animation. Choose the speed from the drop-down.
Edit – Select Edit to navigate to the workspace area.
Note: Web Authoring capabilities are required in order for this option to be available. See here for the Web Authoring Toolbar Reference.
View – Save customizations or see other custom views.
Watch – Keep track of updates. Select one of the options from the drop-down.
  • Subscriptions – Get scheduled email snapshots of this view.
  • Metrics – Track key numbers from this view.
  • Alerts – Get notified when data reaches a set threshold.
Download – Use options to capture parts of the view for use in other applications. 
  • Image – Display the view, dashboard, or story as a PNG file (image) in a new browser tab. 
  • Data – Display the data from the view in a new browser window with two tabs. The Summary tab shows aggregated data for the fields shown in the view and the Full Data tab shows all data for the visualization. Download the data as a comma-separated value (CSV) file.
    Note: When downloading from a dashboard, first select the specific sheet with data needed. 
  • Crosstab – This opens a dialog window to select download options. If viewing a dashboard, select a sheet from the dashboard to download. Under Select Format, choose CSV or Excel then select Download.
    Notes: For dashboards, all sheets will be listed including hidden sheets. Any filters, parameters, or selections currently applied in Tableau are reflected in the downloaded crosstab. Do not select if the title begins with a question mark.
  • PDF – Open the current view as a PDF in a new window. Choose to include This View, Specific sheets from this dashboard, or Specific sheets from this workbook. Save to a file if needed.
    Note: If a new window does not open, disable the browser’s pop-up blocker.
  • PowerPoint – Download the current view or specific sheets from the current dashboard or current workbook into two PowerPoint slides.  The first slide is the title slide and the second is an image of the current view or sheet of the dashboard or worksheet selected.
  • Tableau Workbook – Choose the Version from the drop-down then select Download. If downgrading the workbook to a previous version, some functionality may be lost.
Full Screen – Select to view the dashboard in Full Screen mode.
Share – Only people with permissions can see the view being shared. Enter or select a username under Share with people or copy the link or embed code.