Wisconsin Motor Fuel

Supplier and Carrier returns for reporting Wisconsin Motor Fuel using XML files are available. The schedules available for Purchase Invoices are the WI1F, and WITR. The schedules available for Sales Invoices are WI7, WI8, WIOD, WITD, WI10A, WI10B, WI10C, WI10E, WI10G, WI10H, and WI10T. For Sales Invoices with Carrier return, the WIPD schedule is available. Schedule WI7 is the export schedule and its Destination state must be a state other than Wisconsin.


Prior to creating the XML files, there are three areas that must be set up. This is found at Motor Fuel / Reports / Wisconsin in the Wisconsin Motor Fuel Setup area.

Select the Company Licenses button, complete the information, and Save.

Next, select the Tax Rates Setup button, complete the information, and Save.

Lastly, select the XML Setup button to complete information for the XML file.

Note: All required fields are denoted with an asterisk.