Vendors - SKY Vendor


A listing of all Vendors is available in SKY Vendor. The list can be narrowed down by selecting the Filter icon and specifying the Vendor Status and/or Vendor Locations. Vendors can be added or edited by those with the Add/Edit Vendors permission enabled in SKY Admin.

Vendor information can be viewed by selecting the Vendor in the list. The Information tab displays the Profile, Contact Info, Notes, Payment and 1099 Info, Attributes, and Classifications. The Attachments tab displays files attached to the Vendor profile and gives the ability to view or delete the attachment by selecting the Ellipsis

Choose the Ellipsis on the Vendor then select Edit if changes need to be made. 

Note: If the Vendor has a balance, they cannot be changed to Inactive.

Add a Vendor by selecting + Add Vendor in the bottom right.

Add a Vendor


  1. Enter a Vendor ID and Vendor Name.
    Note: Once the Vendor is saved, the Vendor ID cannot be modified.
  2. The Our Account #, Terms Code, and Website URL fields are optional.
    Note: Terms Codes must first be set up in Agvance before they can be applied to a Vendor here.
  3. Select Attach File to browse and locate the appropriate files to attach. These can then be viewed on the Attachments tab when viewing the Vendor's information.

Contact Info

  1. Under Contact Info, enter the Address 1/Address 2 information. If the address is only one line, enter it in Address 2. Address 1 could be used for a Care of if needed.
  2. Fill out the remaining fields as applicable. The State and Country fields are drop-downs.


  1. Notes for the vendor can be entered here.

Payment and 1099 Info

  1. The 1099 Type and Default Expense Accounts can be specified by choosing from the drop-downs.
  2. Enter the 1099 Form Company Name and Federal Tax ID #.
  3. Indicate the Payment Method and optionally check any of the Payment Options.


  1. Select View Optional Attributes ∧.
  2. Attributes set up in Agvance display with a field to enter the Value.


  1. Classifications set up in Agvance can be chosen by using the Select Classes drop-down.
  2. Choose one or more Classifications. Remove Classifications by selecting the X on the label.

When finished filling out the information for the Vendor, select Add & Start New to begin adding a new Vendor or Add Vendor to save the Vendor and return to the Vendor list.