Vendor Refunds for Customer Respray or Complaint

It is recommended to have a general ledger account set up called Respray Clearing and a Respray payment method set up at Accounting / Setup / A/R / Pay Methods pointing to the Respray Clearing account.

  1. Invoice the customer for the product that was resprayed or on which the complaint was filed. This will properly record the use of the product in the customer's field history.
  2. Add a payment at the Payment on Account screen. The payment amount will be the amount due on the invoice created in step #1.
  3. Change the payment method to Respray and save the payment.

If the vendor refund comes in the form of new product:

  1. Enter a Purchase Invoice for the new product at Inventory / Purchase Invoice using a reasonable cost.
  2. Proceed to A/P / Pay Bills screen, and use the Memo Check option to pay the bill. You will want to change your Checking Account to your Respray Clearing Account.

If the vendor refund comes in the form of a credit

  1. Enter a Credit A/P Bill for the vendor. 
  2. Choose the Respray Clearing Account as the expense account.

If the vendor credit comes in the form of a check from the vendor

  1. Add a Journal Entry for the vendor check. 
  2. Debit the Checking Account and credit the Respray Clearing Account.