Reconcile Budget Billing


At the end of the season, this utility at Energy / Equal Bills / Reconcile may be used reconcile accounts for Budget Billing customers, or may be used to move budget money to the customer’s Accounts Receivable account to cover open Invoices, similar to the Transfer Customer Prepay function in the Accounting module.

  • Location – Filter by a specific location or show all locations to reconcile.
  • Budget Balances – Credits
    • Invoice – This works in a similar fashion as the Transfer Customer Prepay utility in the Accounting module. For each customer selected, an Invoice may be created on the customer’s Regular A/R account or a Memo Invoice by be created on the customer’s Budget Account.
    • Issue Refund – Automatically issue a check for the overpayment in the Budget Billing area. The amount may be changed in the Adjustment column if necessary.

Budget Balances – Amount Due

  • Invoice – The amount is moved out of Budget Billing and into the customer’s Regular A/R account. An Invoice is created using the product specified in the Setup area. If the Budget Account is a positive amount, it creates a Credit Invoice. If the Budget Account is a negative amount, it creates an Invoice that becomes part of the customer’s Regular A/R balance. The amount may be changed in the Adjustment column if necessary.
  • Memo Invoice – This marks all existing Memo Invoices as void. If the Budget Account is a positive amount, a Credit Invoice is created on the Regular account. If the Budget Account is a negative amount, a Memo Invoice is created. The Memo Invoice is then included in the calculation of the next Budget Billing payment amount.

Invoice Info

  • Invoice Date – Enter the date to be used as the Invoice Date for the Invoices.
  • Due Date – Enter the Due Date for the Invoices.
  • Terms – Enter the terms to be used on the invoices. Terms entered at this screen override the company preference and any terms set on the customer file.

Grid Options – These control the selection of customers to reconcile.

  • Setup – The Budget Billing Product and Budget Billing Vendor (typically the miscellaneous or a refund vendor) must be selected to use this utility.
  • Tag All – This selects all customers in the grid.
  • UnTag All – This deselects all customers in the grid.
  • Print Invoice – Selecting this option prints Invoices when Done is selected.
  • Done – This posts Invoices or refunds as selected in the Budget Balances frame.

Budget Billing Reconciliation Process

This process allows Budget Billing balances to be reconciled at the end of the season.

  1. Navigate to Energy / Equal Bills / Reconcile.
  2. At the Reconcile Budget Billing window, filter for the Location of the customer/tanks that should be reconciled and choose Apply.
  3. A list of those customers/tanks display in the Customer List grid. Choose the customer/tank to reconcile by selecting the checkbox in the left column. In the Adjustment column, enter the amount to reconcile.
  4. In the Credit Balances area, select either the Invoice or Issue Refund option. This is dependent on if reconciling with an Invoice on the customer’s Regular balance or issuing a refund check.
    Note: If reconciling for the first time and/or if a new location has been added, it may be necessary to set up the location. Choose Setup and enter the Budget Billing Product and Budget Billing Vendor to be used on the reconciliation. It is recommended to use a miscellaneous vendor and to use the product from the Equal Billing Info section on the tank Profile tab.
  5. To reconcile by Credit Invoice to the regular balance, select the Invoice Date, Due Date, and Terms (as applicable) in the Invoice Info area. Choose Done. An Invoice for that amount displays on the regular account in Accounting.
  6. To issue a refund check, verify the Check # and Checking Account are correct and select Done. A check will be prepared.