Using Seller Signatures

To capture and add Seller Signatures to Purchase Contracts, a Buyer Signature must already be applied to the Purchase Contract. 

Using Buyer Signatures with a Purchase Contract

Agvance Setup

  1. Go to Hub / Setup / Company Preferences / API.
  2. On the Agvance API tab, choose the Agvance User to be associated with transactions taken from Grower360.  Select Save.


Growers can opt to receive email and/or text notifications when a Contract is ready to sign.

  1. Go to the Grain menu. Purchase Contracts ready to be signed by the seller can be found under the Contracts to Sign section.
    Note: Selecting the Ellipsis on the Contract in the Contracts list also gives the option to Sign Contract.
  2. Choose Sign or select the Ellipsis, then choose the Sign Contract option.
  3. Review the Purchase Contract once displayed and select Sign Contract.
  4. Sign the contract in the space provided using the computer mouse or a stylus or finger for touch screen devices. Select Save.
  5. Once the contract is signed, select Download Contract to create a PDF file of the Purchase Contract with both the buyer and seller signatures.
  6. All Contracts signed by both the buyer and seller can be found by selecting View Contracts under Grain. Choose View Contracts for the appropriate Disposition. Under the Ellipsis for the Contract is an option to View or Download PDF.
  7. The applied seller signature also displays on the Purchase Contract printed from Agvance.