Taking Prepay

There are two situations regarding taking Prepay money:

  1. The Customer is paying for an existing unpaid Booking.
  2. The Booking needs to be recorded along with the Prepay money. This is approached by adding a Booking.

Take Prepay for an Existing Booking

If there is no change to the original Booking:

  1. Select the Add a Payment on Account shortcut at the Accounting main menu, or navigate to A/R / Payments and choose Add.
  2. Select the customer and enter the actual dollars paid into the Payment Amount field. Select Prepay to the right of the Payment Amount. This causes the grid below to be filled with the unpaid Bookings for this customer.
  3. Select the Pay Method then enter the reference number and amount. Up to three Pay Methods may be entered if applicable. If more than one Pay Method is entered, the total of the pay amounts must equal the Payment Amount for the payment to save.
  4. Select the Bookings to which this payment applies by selecting in the left-most column in the grid. A checkmark appears when the Booking is selected.
    Note: At the Payment on Account screen, partial payment of Bookings is not allowed.
  5. Save the payment to increase the Prepay balance on the customer’s account, change the Booking status to Paid, and affect the general ledger.