Share a Folder to Hosted

Map a folder from a local machine to a terminal server through RDP.

  1. Create a folder, right-click the folder, and select Properties.
  2. On the Export Folder Properties window, select the Sharing tab.
  3. Select Share.
  4. The File Sharing window displays. Click to select name(s) and select the Share button.
  5. On the Export Folder Properties window, click the Advanced Sharing button.
  6. Check the Share this folder option, then click the Permissions button.
  7. On the Permissions for Export Folder window in the Permissions for Everyone section, check the Allow option for Change. Click Apply. Close the Permission for Export Folder and Export Folder Properties windows by selecting the corner X.
  8. Open File Explorer and type \\localhost into the address bar. Right-click the Shared folder and select Map network drive.
  9. On the Map Network Drive window, Specify the drive letter for the connection and the folder that you want to connect to. Select a Letter for the Drive and check the Reconnect at sign-in option. Select Finish.
  10. Right-click the RDP shortcut icon on the computer desktop and select Edit.
  11. On the Remote Desktop Connection window, select the Local Resources tab and click the More button. Expand the Local devices and resources section, select the mapped drive, and select OK. On the Remote Desktop Connection window, select the General tab, and click Save.
  12. Log onto the Hosted Server and open the File Explorer.
  13. The Shared folder displays as [Drive Letter] on [Machine Name]. Save or export files to local machines through this drive.