Print LTL Paperwork

This option allows for the printing of Less Than Truckload Haz-Mat paperwork for Delivery Tickets and Purchase Receipts. The amount of product on the truck between stops is calculated and required paperwork and placards are printed so the driver has correct information between stops without having to manually change the paperwork.

By selecting the needed tickets, products can be loaded onto delivery trucks and assigned a stop number. The driver will have the necessary information to know which products need to be dropped off or picked up when making the required stops.

This does not include Inter-Company Transfers or products added after the truck leaves the warehouse.


At the Accounting / Inventory / Print LTL Paperwork screen, click the Select Tickets button.

The Select Source Ticket(s) window will appear. Here, Delivery Tickets and Purchase Receipts can be selected by clicking the Move Selected button. When all of the needed tickets are in the Ticket Type grid, choose Done

This will load all of the tickets into the Stop Order grid of the Print Less Than Truckload Paperwork screen. 

The order of stops can be assigned from this screen. The stop number represents the order of the delivery route. The Delivery Tickets or Purchase Receipts represent products that need to be dropped off at specific locations as well as products that may need to be picked up and loaded onto the truck. Multiple tickets can have the same stop number if the products on the tickets are to be dropped off or picked up from the same location. All products are accumulated and summed to represent the exact quantities housed on the truck at any particular time.

Delivery Tickets can be selected to create a Batch Load Sheet for all products that are leaving the location of the 1st Delivery Ticket stop number. The program will aggregate the products on the truck when leaving each of the stops and generate the Hazmat Shipping paperwork that is needed for stop to stop. This will include the placard calculations for what is on the truck between the stops.

The corresponding HazMat paperwork can be printed from the Print Less Than Truckload Paperwork screen. This will list all products on a particular truck load for each delivery location. In place of the paperwork, there is a summary window that displays updated information for these products and their summed quantities after each drop off.

Note: Products that are to be picked up are entered either on a ‘Return’ type ticket, or as a negative quantity on a standard ticket.