In Agvance Accounting, track inventory and accounts receivable by plant location. Define those Locations at Hub / Setup / Locations. When setting up Inventory Departments, denote the Location (therefore there may be multiple Chemical Departments, one for each Location).


The Profile tab gives the general information about the Location.

  • Location ID – The ID may be up to six characters long.
    Note: Upon selecting Save, the Location ID is locked for editing.
  • Main Plant – This option designates this plant is the home office. This is used to help control some data transfers between plants for the Agvance Accounting module.
  • Name – Enter the name of the plant location.
  • Address/City/State/Zip/Phone#/Fax# – Enter the appropriate information.
  • GeoCode/Territory – These inputs are currently not used in this version.
  • County/Country – Optionally double-click to select the appropriate information for the company.
  • DOT Regist. # – This number prints on the hazardous material sheet.
  • Grain Dealer Lic # – The grain dealer’s license usually assigned by the state Department of Agriculture. If the number is entered here, it is available to print on the custom Grain Contracts.
  • Grain Warehouse Lic # – The grain warehouse license is usually assigned by either state Department of Agriculture or the USDA. If the number is entered here, it is available to print on the custom Grain Contracts.
  • Mapping Location – Link an Agvance Location to a Mapping Location when editing/adding a Location. To be able to see this control, the Mapping Interface must be enabled and working. To modify a linked Location, the daily password will be required.
  • Cross Ref – This is used in some cases when interfacing with other software packages.
  • IC Code/DUNS#/F.E.I.# – Enter the appropriate information for the company (optional). Maximum / Average Daily Inventory report uses these numbers.
  • Pest Lic# – The dealer’s pesticide license number usually assigned by the state Department of Agriculture goes here. If the number is entered here, it prints in the headings of the customer sales documents (Delivery Tickets, Blend Tickets and Invoices).
  • Addl Lic # – Enter additional Pesticide License information in this area. This information prints on the Purchase Receipt and Haz Mat paperwork, appended to the Pest Lic # information above.
  • Pest Appl # – The license number of the applicator who is overseeing the operators at the company goes here. If the number is entered here, it prints on the Custom Application document.
  • Region/Sub Region – If these areas are completed, there are options on some reports to use the Region/Sub-Region as a sorting tool. This allows multiple locations to easily be combined on some of the reports such as inventory reports.
  • Inactive – Mark this option when the location is no longer active. This prevents further transactions from being created for this location until the end of the fiscal year.
  • Product Master – This sets this location as a master location for the Product Synchronization tool.

Remit Address

The Remit Address tab is where a remittance address may be entered to print on Invoices.

To have a Remit To address print on the Invoices, fill out this screen and select the option to print the address in the Invoice footer or Invoice header.


When using Mobile Inventory with this option checked, a database record is made to allow purchase information to be available across multiple datasets when necessary.