Point of Sale Warnings

A POS (Point of Sale) warning is used to display a message as a point of sale transaction is saved.  POS Warnings are triggered by a combination of customer and/or product Classifications.  They can be set up to warn or stop a transaction and can optionally be printed.  POS warnings appear during the save of an Invoice, Quick Ticket, Delivery Ticket, and Blend Ticket. 

POS Warnings are set up by selecting Add at Accounting / Setup / Preferences on the General tab.

  • <Customer Classification> – Optionally select a Customer Classification.  If a Customer Classification is selected, only the customers associated with the Classification will receive the warning.  If the Classification is left blank, the warning will be triggered for any customer when a transaction is saved. 
  • <Product Classification> – Double-click to select a Product Classification.  If a Product Classification is selected, only the products associated with the classification will receive the warning.  If the classification is left blank, the warning will be triggered for any product when a transaction is saved. 
  • Warning Level – Two options are available – Warn or Stop.  If Warn is selected, the transaction can be saved without changes.  If Stop is chosen, the transaction cannot be saved until corrections are made. 
  • Message – This is a user-defined message which will appear on the save of the transaction.  When a POS warning is triggered, the message will include the product(s) which generated the warning.


Warning Message

The Warn level gives the option to Continue Save or Cancel Save.  Selecting Cancel Save gives the ability to review the transaction or remove a product. 

In the example below, a product from the Product Classification of Gasohol was selected to be sold to a customer.  Once the transaction was saved the warning message below appeared to make sure the sales tax rate was changed to the reduced rate for gasohol. 

In the example below, a product was selected from the product classification of Prescription Required for Purchase and sold to a customer.  This warning is designed to remind the user the sale of the product referenced on the warning requires a Veterinarian and a Prescription Number for all customers who are purchasing this type of product.    

In the example below, a product was selected from the Dual Use Chemical Product Classification.  Dual use chemicals are chemicals which can be used for both Ag and Non-Ag Use.  This warning was designed to work with customer classification, Non Ag Use customers.  These customers are required to state the use of the chemical and sign off on the purchase. As the transaction is saved for the customer, the message below appears. The warning message can be printed for the customer to fill out and sign.  This option gives the company a way to inform a use type, name, address and signature are needed to complete the sale and also provides a way to print the information as the transaction is saved.  

Stop Sale Message

The STOP warning level will stop the transaction from being saved with the current combination of customer and product selected on the transaction.  The user can print the warning or click OK.  If the OK button is selected, the program returns to the transaction.   

In the example below, 3 products were selected for a customer who is not allowed to purchase these types of products.  The warning message tells the user the products referenced on the warning are Ag Use Products and the customer selected is not allowed to purchase Ag Use Products.  Once Ok is click, the user will be returned to the transaction.  The user will have to remove the 3 products the customer is not allowed to purchase before the transaction can be saved.