Veterinary Feed Directives Setup

Beginning January 1st, 2017, the FDA restricts sales of animal feed containing certain drugs to only individuals with a valid Veterinary Feed Directive. To address these sales restrictions, Technology Groups may be used to accommodate Veterinary Feed Directives when creating Invoices, Delivery Tickets, Blend Tickets, or Bookings.

A Technology Group should be added for each VFD drug. It is recommended to use a naming convention that includes VFD for ease of recognition.

Technology Groups are added or edited on the Product tab at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences. Select the Add Tech Group to add a new Technology Group or the Edit Tech Group button to edit an existing Technology Group.

On the Add or Edit a Technology Group window, select the Veterinary Feed Directive checkbox, and choose the checking methods to be used on Invoices, Blend Tickets, Bookings, and Delivery Tickets. Marking the Veterinary Feed Directive checkbox requires the Effective Date and Expiration Date be entered on any Technology License using this Technology Group.

The Check Method selection applies to Invoices and Blend Tickets. Booking Check Method applies only to Bookings, and Delivery Check Method applies only to Delivery Tickets.

The Technology Group for the VFD restricted Product is then selected for each Product that is either a VFD restricted drug, a bagged product containing the drug, or a Product with a manufactured formula containing the drug. The Technology Group selection is found when adding or editing Products in the Hub or Accounting on the Profile tab at File / Open / Products.

Note: If using Product Synchronization with a zMast location, edit the master product. Verify the Product Synchronization Rules, found at Hub / Setup / Product Synchronization Rules, are set to Sync on Edit for Technology Group, which has a Data Element Name of product.TechnologyGroup.

The Veterinary Feed Directive must then be entered on the customer file, found in the Hub or Accounting at File / Open / Customers. Edit the Customer, select the Tech Lic #s button, and enter the License Number. It is recommended to enter VFD preceding the number. The Effective Date and Expiration Date must also be entered. Double-click on the Technology Group column heading to select the Technology Group.

The Technology License Number optionally prints below the Product description on the Invoice, the Consolidated Blend, and the Delivery Ticket. Location Preferences control the printing for each of these types of documents.


The Print Tech Lic # preference for Invoices is found on the Invoice Printout tab at Accounting / Setup / Location Preferences.

When the Product with the Veterinary Feed Directive Technology Group is included on an Invoice, no other Technology Groups may be selected.

Consolidated Blend Sheet

The Print Tech Lic # preference for the Consolidated Blend Sheet is found on the Print Prefs tab at Blending / Setup / Location Preferences.

Delivery Ticket

The Print Tech Lic # preference for Delivery Tickets is found on the Delivery Ticket tab at Accounting / Setup / Location Preferences.

Optional Setup

For reporting purposes and an optional Point of Sale warning, a Product Classification may be established for the VFD Products. Product Classifications are added on the Product tab at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences.

After the Classification is established, a Point of Sale warning may be set up at Accounting / Setup / Preferences by selecting the POS Warnings button and then Add. In the Product Classification area, select the VFD Classification. The Point of Sale warning alerts the sales staff that a VFD Product is included on the transaction. The message may be customized based on the company’s operating procedures. The following example of the Point of Sale warning might be used if a company is using Bookings to track the quantity of the feed/drug purchased.

Note: The FDA Final Rule does not regulate a quantity in the Veterinary Feed Directive but does regulate a dosage. Therefore, companies might calculate the amount of feed for this dosage.