Overfilling a Purchase Contract

Q.  What messages are displayed when a scale ticket has overfilled the purchase contract associated with the assembly?

A.  If the contract becomes filled on the save of a scale ticket, a screen will appear asking what needs to be done with the extra units. There are three choices to select from:

  • Search for Other Contracts
  • Overfill the Current Contract
  • Create Non-Contract Entry 

Search for Other Contracts

Click to find another contract to put the extra units towards.

Overfill the Current Contract

Click to add extra units to the filled contract.

Create Non-Contract Entry

DPR Status - the DPR that is selected will be associated with the assembly split that is created. 

Old Price Was: displays what the price was on the overfilled contract.

New Price: enter a price that will become the default price on the assembly sheet. 

Select the charge schedule to be used on the assembly split line.