Migrate Purchase Contract

When migrating Purchase Contracts with amendments, any amendments with a deduction are added to the new Priced Contract.

  • Contract Units to Migrate – These are the units to migrate to the new priced Purchase Contract. This value cannot exceed the Non Delivered units + Available units that can be checked to migrate.
    Note: Do NOT include the Units to Settle not checked to Migrate.
  • Cash Price to Migrate – This is the cash price for the new priced Purchase Contract.
  • Contract Units Available to Migrate – This is the number of units that can be put to the new priced Purchase Contract.
  • Available Units – These are open units on the Scale Ticket split line.
  • Migrate Checkbox – Any Scale Ticket split line with settled units CANNOT be checked to Migrate. If the Scale Ticket split line’s contract was overfilled to another split line containing settled units, then it CANNOT be checked to Migrate.
  • Units to Settle – This cannot exceed the Available Units on the split line. These units will be settled off to a Priced-Not-Paid settlement. This column can be filled out on any line with Available Units, even those with settled units. If Migrate is checked and the Units to Settle is filled out, the program will first migrate those units to the new Priced Contract, then it will settle those units to Priced-Not-Paid.
  • Total Units Selected – This is a total of the Available Units in the grid that are checked to Migrate.
  • Total Units that will be Migrated – This is the Contract Units to Migrate + Units to Settle in the grid not checked to Migrate.