Job Priority Setting - SKY Dispatch

Setting Priority in Agvance

  1. On a new Blend Ticket, choose the Priority Level from the drop-down menu on the Blend tab. 
  2. To edit a Blend Ticket’s priority, search for the Blend Ticket number in Agvance and choose Edit.
  3. Select Show Splits.
  4. From the Blend Ticket Splits screen, select the drop-down menu under the Disp Priority column.
  5. Choose the Priority Level, select Close, and Save the edited Blend Ticket. 
  6. A color-coded dot for the assigned Priority Level shows on the Blend Ticket in SKY Dispatch.

Setting Priority in SKY Dispatch

  1. Priority Levels must be set up on the General tab under Company Settings before they are available to be added to a Blend Ticket in Agvance.
  2. Select a color for each Priority Level and customize the Label for each Priority Level or use the default label names.
  3. On a Blend Ticket, select the ticket number to add or edit the Priority.
  4. On the Blend Ticket Details screen, choose the Pencil icon to edit the Priority Level. 5. Use the drop-down menu to choose a Priority Level from the company’s custom list of levels set in Company Settings.
  5. The color-coded dot next the the Blend Ticket updates to the color associated with the selected Priority Level.