Forgot to End Fiscal Month

There are three options in this situation:

  1. Void the transactions entered belonging to the new fiscal month, end the month, and re-enter the transactions. This will allow each month to contain the correct activity but is only practical if very few transactions for the new month have been entered.
  2. Run the two months together into one fiscal month. Continue working and, at the next month-end, end the month twice to catch up. There will be one fiscal month containing both months' activity and one month with no activity.
  3. End the fiscal month. This will leave some of the new month's activity in the prior fiscal month and allow the rest to be entered in the correct month. This option only makes sense in a few situations.

The typical solution is to run the two fiscal months together. If choosing this option, bear in mind that the months will be combined on financial statements and any other reports run by fiscal month (like customer statements).