Grower360 Field Service Request - SKY Admin

The Request Service feature allows Grower360 users to quickly request field services such as product application.  In order to receive notifications from growers, Grower360 Admin must perform the following steps.

 In Agvance SKY, use the toggle switch found at Admin / Grower360 / Fields to turn on the Service Requests option.

A SKY user must subscribe to receive field service notifications.  It is recommend at least one SKY user per company is subscribed to ALL customers to prevent requests from not being received by the company.

  1. Select + Add Rule to set up Customer Parameters. 
  2. Specify Salespeople, Location(s), and/or Customer Classification(s).
    • The Salesperson defaults as the Salesperson selected on the User profile in SKY Admin.
    • Customers with the selected Location(s) set as the default on their profile are included.
    • Any customers who are members of the Agvance Customer Classification(s) selected will be included.
  3. Select Save Rule when finished.

Grower Functionality

Selecting Request Service from the Fields page of the Grower360 account allows the grower to select the fields they would like to include in the service request.

Once all the desired fields are selected, selecting the Request Service for Fields button displays a Request Service window. Here, an Application Type must be selected as well as a Crop. Optional information such as Window of Application, which displays in Days, and any necessary comments can be added.

Selecting the Make Request button sends the service request to the SKY Account. Choose the Eye icon to expand information related to the service request, View Customer to navigate to that customer in SKY Customer, or Mark Resolved to indicate the request has been completed. Enter Comments indicating how the request was resolved. These comments can be referenced in the task list.