End of Prepay Season

Ending the Prepay Season Checklist

Before entering prepay Bookings for the new season, the prepay season should be ended to clear out old Booking information. Any remaining customer prepay balances will remain on their accounts.

___   Run the Accounting Customer Checkup (using the red cross button in the Accounting Reports module). Any out of balances related to prepay or Bookings must be corrected. Call SSI if assistance is needed.

___   Settle any outstanding prepay balances for Bookings that should not be carried forward into the new prepay season. This can be especially important if product specific Bookings with special season prices were used since prices can change significantly from season to season.

___   Make an image of the data from the Hub / Utilities / Make Database Image.

___   Run a Booking Status report, found at Accounting Reports / Accounts Receivable / Bookings, by Book # range, in the Options area select Both to include paid and unpaid Bookings, and, in the Include area, select All. This is a complete report of all Bookings that existed before ending the prepay season.

___   Go to Accounting / End of Periods / Prepay Season. Enter the appropriate criteria for customers, locations, and Booking Date, Book #, or Expiration Date ranges to determine the Bookings to be deleted. Also, select one or both of the Partially Invoiced or Not Invoiced options to determine the unpaid Bookings to be deleted in the range selected above. Choose Unsigned Bookings Only to only delete Bookings not marked as signed by the customer. Print the End of Prepay Season report, which shows the Bookings to be deleted based on the criteria entered.

___   Review the End of Prepay Season report for accuracy. If the report appears correct, select Post to complete the End of Prepay Season.

Rerun the Booking Status report for all Bookings. Only prepaid Bookings and unpaid Bookings with a Booking Date, Book #, or Expiration Date outside the range selected at the End of Prepay Season function should remain.