Reconciling an Equal Billing Account at End of Season

At the end of the season, optionally reconcile Budget Billing accounts.

This utility, found at Energy / Equal Bills / Reconcile, assists in transferring the balance out of Budget Billing and placing it on the Customer’s Accounts Receivable account when using the Invoice option. An Invoice is created on the Customer’s Regular account if more fuel was delivered than is covered by the budget payment amounts.

When using the Memo Invoice option and fuel deliveries exceeded the amount of the budget payments, the overage amount is placed on a Memo Invoice, which affects the amount due for future budget payments.

If payments exceeded fuel delivery charges, this utility creates a Credit Invoice on the Customer’s Regular account or issues a refund check for the overpayment. The amount that will be invoiced, credited, or refunded is the amount shown in the Adjustment column. This amount may be edited if necessary.

For more information on the Reconciling Equal Billing screen, see Reconcile Budget Billing.

Voiding Reconciling Equal Billing Transactions

In the event an Equal Billing Reconciliation transaction needs to be reversed, keep in mind two steps must be followed. If these two steps are not followed, the Cash and Budget Billing Receivable General Ledger Accounts could become out of balance.

When Equal Bills are reconciled, either an Invoice is created or a check is written. In addition to this, a Budget Billing payment is taken behind the scenes for both Invoices and checks. To void an Invoice created by the reconcile function, the payment must first be voided by highlighting the Payment at Accounting / A/R / Payments and selecting Void

Once the payment is voided, the Invoice can then be voided at by highlighting the Invoice at Accounting / A/R / Invoice and selecting Void. This puts the money back into the customer's Budget Billing balance. 

In the event a refund check was written, the payment must first be voided as described above, and then the disbursement of the check may be reversed by editing a Vendor at File / Open / Vendors on the Activity tab. This also puts the money back into the customer's Budget Billing balance.

Note: If the Reconcile Equal Billing transaction was done in a prior fiscal month, the payment and Invoice cannot be voided. The Reverse function could be used for each transaction. Call SSI support for assistance.