Dispatch Filter Functions

Column Name/Column Value Grid

A grid is available for filtering on individual columns or multiple columns. The columns available for filtering are:

  • Driver
  • Tank
  • Region
  • Route
  • Maint. Category

To use any of the above listed filtering options, in the Filter By area, select a value in Column Value. Using multiple filtering columns is allowed. These filters remember the last value used. To clear the selected filters, choose Clear Filter Grid.

Use Date

This option allows entering a date range for jobs to display in the grid. This filter works from the Ordered Date, Due Date, Scheduled Date, or Completed Date for the tickets.

Current Status

This filtering area allows selecting a set of job statuses to be shown in the grid.

Ticket Type

Filter for Blend Tickets, Delivery Tickets, or both. In addition, use the drop-down lists to the right of each ticket type to further refine the list of jobs to display.

Custom Applied

If the tickets are to be filtered by the Custom Applied checkbox on the Blend or Delivery Tickets, select Yes from the drop-down. The default is All tickets.


Optionally select the locations for the jobs to display. This location filter works off the ticket location.

Dispatch Comment

Double-click in this area to display a distinct list of comments. The feature is used as a way to return only tickets displaying the chosen comment.

Filter By Selected

Selecting this option removes all non-selected rows from the grid. This allows sorting the jobs, selecting the necessary rows, and removing the unwanted rows.


This function gets records from the database and refreshes the grid.