Dispatch Mapping Options

Live Map

Using Google Maps, the jobs in the grid are shown as well as the locations of the applicators. This map is refreshed at the interval specified in the Live Map Interval in the Dispatch Setup area.

Map Extents

Selecting Plot Selected displays a map. Zoom in or out on the map and then choose Map Extents. The grid then filters to the jobs displayed on the map at that time.

Route Selected

Jobs can be highlighted in the grid and Route Selected can be chosen to create a route from job to job based on the established job order numbers.

Plot Job Trail

This function uses the Completed Date and Completed Time as a basis and subtracts the number of hours selected by the user in the Trail Length drop-down to create a Job Trail, indicating where the applicator was in the time leading up to job completion. The information is plotted on a map as a breadcrumb trail.

Map Icon

Allows selecting between a rectangle icon with ticket information displayed or a circle icon (red dot) to be used when plotting jobs on the map.

Plot Selected

The dispatcher can plot jobs on a map by highlighting rows in the grid and choosing Plot Selected. The extents of the map automatically adjust to the necessary range to view all of the plotted jobs. The map shows up in a new window so the user may re-size/move the map so that both the grid and the map are visible at the same time.

An option is available when selecting Plot Selected which allows choosing whether or not to plot and display remote devices’ current location on this map along with the selected jobs.