Dispatch Window Functions

Set Timer

Optionally enter the number of minutes in the Refresh field, and then choose Set Timer. This timer automatically triggers the grid refresh function. The value entered in this area is the number of minutes between each automatic refresh.


After entering the ticket number in this area, this function searches the Ticket # column in the grid and finds the first row with the specified value in that column.

Selected Acres

This area displays the summed acres for the jobs selected in the grid.

Total Acres

This area displays the summed acres for all jobs in the grid.

Work Load Summary

This function looks at the jobs in the grid and calculates by Type of Work or Vehicle how many acres are scheduled to be completed.

Product Totals

The dispatcher may select a group of tickets in the grid by holding the Ctrl key on the keyboard and choosing the line number. Once the tickets are selected, selecting this option displays a list of products and the total amount of the inventory units from Delivery Tickets, and blended units from Blend Tickets.

Sync Devices

Information is sent to and from the Mobile App (optional) and therefore to the handheld devices. When a dispatcher syncs tickets to devices, only tickets with a Ready status are synced.


This option displays the Multi API Work Order Setup window. Access is only available by password or to users already designated as Scheduling Manager on the Setup window.

Print Ticket(s)

A ticket may be selected and reprinted using this option.

View Report

Selecting work orders in the grid and then choosing this option displays the Print Work Order Custom Report window. Columns may be selected by right-clicking on a column heading and then selecting Choose Columns to limit the information on the report. Once columns are selected to include on the report, right-click on the heading again and select Make This Layout My Default to save the column selection. The font size may be specified at the bottom of the Print Work Order Custom Report window, and options are available for Shrink To Fit and Total Acres.

New Driver Messages

When a driver enters a message from a mobile device, once synced to the Agvance data, this notification appears. The dispatcher can then select the option to view the messages.


This function saves information to the database.