Batch Settlements Priced Scale Tickets

The Batch Settle feature, located at Grain / Operations / Batch Settle, is designed to settle large numbers of Priced Scale Tickets.  If multiple transactions exist for the same commodity, even at different locations, the customer will receive one check per commodity for priced Settlements.


Upon first opening the Settlement Batches window, unprinted Batch Settlements from all locations load into the grid. From this window, Batch Settlements may be added, reversed, deleted, printed, or a recap report may be printed.

Add a Batch Settlement

Select the Add button on the Settlement Batches window to add a Batch Settlement. The Batch Settle window displays.

At the top of the window, select Priced Scale Tickets from the Settle dropdown selections. The available tickets display in the grid.

The grid may be filtered using the options at the bottom of the window.

  • Select Customers - Choose the customer(s) for whom to display Batch Settlements in the grid. A customer classification can be selected by choosing the Class. button.
  • Select Locations - Choose the location(s) for which to display Batch Settlements in the grid.
  • Select Commodity - Choose one or multiple commodities for which to display Batch Settlements in the grid.
  • Tag All/Untag All - These buttons offer the ability to select all Settlement lines present in the window or untag all lines to select only specific lines. The unselected lines will remain in the window the next time a Batch Settlement is completed. The window defaults to having all lines tagged.
  • Scale Ticket Start / End - These selections only display when Priced Scale Tickets or OS Scale Tickets is selected from the Settle dropdown menu. The grid is populated with Scale Tickets created from the start date selected to the end date selected.
  • Payment Method - Select All, ACH Only, or non-ACH Only from the dropdown.
  • Batch Description - Designate a name to easily identify between separate batches.
  • Settlement Date - This is the date used when documents of the Batch Settlement are printed.
  • Settlement Location - This is the location responsible for processing the payments. It is only available when Priced Scale Tickets is selected from the Settle dropdown.
  • Use Source Location - All contracts or Scale Tickets are printed by the source location. This is only available when Priced Scale Tickets is selected from the Settle dropdown.

Use the Settle column in the grid to select which line items to settle.

Select Settle to settle all selected Scale Tickets, making them available to either print from the Settlement Batches window for Priced Settlements.

Note: Selecting the Settle button does not print the checks/ACH. It only settles the desired lines to Priced Settlements.

Batch Settlements are processed in numeric order but are still given individual Settlement numbers. This offers the ability to select a specific Settlement to view, delete, or reverse without reversing every Settlement in the batch.

Reverse a Batch Settlement

A Batch Settlement may be reversed in its entirety by using the Reverse button on the Settlement Batches window. To reverse a single Settlement within a batch, navigate to Operations / Settlements. Using Reverse is recommended if Settlements have been Grain posted.

Delete a Batch Settlement

An entire Batch Settlement may be deleted using the Delete button on the Settlement Batches window. A single Settlement within a batch may be deleted by navigating to Operations / Settlements. Using Delete is recommended if Settlements have not been Grain posted.

Print a Batch Settlement

Selecting the Print button on the Settlement Batches window displays the Assign / Print window, which allows all lines of the Batch Settlement to be tagged or untagged, as well as the Payment Type to be selected, such as Non-ACH Only, ACH Only, or Both. Choose Print to print the checks. (This is not available for OS Batches.)

A window displays indicating the number of checks to print and the starting check number. Select Yes to continue. For Non-ACH, check numbers are assigned and printed along with the Settlements. ACH Settlements also have numbers assigned, and the Settlements are ready to create the ACH file in Accounting.

A one-time Print Settlement Batch window displays to select the print options.

If a situation occurs, such as a printer jam, printing may be continued from the Assign/Print window by unchecking the check numbers that did not print correctly. Checks that did not print correctly must be manually reversed and then reprinted. If needed, Settlement checks may be reprinted multiple times.

Note: Depending on the size of the batch, printing the documents may take extra time. It is recommended to not interrupt the printing process. For further assistance in this circumstance, contact SSI.

Recap a Batch Settlement

When selecting a Batch Settlement for Priced Scale Tickets, choosing the Recap button on the Settlement Batches window previews or prints a Batch Recap Report of the highlighted Batch Settlement. An example of the report is below.