Pricing Inbound Scale Tickets

This function at Grain Scale Interface / Operations / Price Inbound Tickets allows a group of Inbound Scale Tickets that are ready to transfer (those that have not been transferred to the Grain module) by a date and time range to be selected and have a cash price applied to all tickets in the group. Filtering may be used to narrow down the list of Scale Tickets to be updated.

  • Date Stamp Range – Select this option to enter a date range for Scale Tickets to be included. This defaults as checked with the system date as the Start and End dates.
  • Time Stamp Range – Select this option to filter tickets by a time range.
  • Assembly – Choose an Assembly for the Scale Tickets to be priced.
  • Ticket – Select a single ticket to be priced or leave blank to filter for all within specified parameters.
  • Commodity – Select a Commodity for the Scale Tickets to be priced.
  • Location – Choose a Location for the tickets to be priced.
  • Customer ID – Select a Customer if only one customer’s Scale Tickets are being priced.
  • DPR Type – Choose if All DPR Types are being priced or if only Priced Scale Tickets need priced.
  • Priced Value – Choose All to display tickets with and without cash prices or select Zero Priced for only tickets that currently have a 0.00 cash price.
  • Default Price for All Rows – Enter a price that applies to all Scale Tickets selected. Choose Apply to Rows to update the price on all the Scale Tickets.

How to Price Inbound Scale Tickets

  1. Go to Operations / Price Inbound Scale Tickets.
  2. Enter any filtering necessary.
  3. Select Apply to bring the Scale Tickets into the top grid based on the filter information entered.
  4. In the Cash Price column, enter a cash price for each Scale Ticket. If every ticket should have the same price, enter that amount in Default Price for All Rows and choose Apply to Rows.
  5. Select Update.