Automated Error Reporting

Agvance’s automated error reporting takes advantage of Internet connectivity and all the technical information available to Agvance at the time of a program interruption. When an Agvance user receives an error message within Agvance, selecting Send Error sends a message to SSI automatically with the company serial # and Agvance user and system info along with detailed records of exactly what actions preceded the error. This detailed information automatically creates an entry in the SSI call-tracking software where all customer issues are recorded – therefore eliminating the need to place a call to our receptionists. The SSI helpdesk studies the error report and will respond to the issue armed with more information than was available to them in previous versions.

Some customers have pointed out that in addition to SSI being alerted of an error in a timely fashion, their own internal IT staff or key user might also like to receive the email notice. Although these messages would be cryptic to many Agvance users, awareness of errors and their frequency can be informative particularly when users are scattered across several physical locations.


To request that an email be sent to a specific address when an Agvance user in your company encounters and sends the error to SSI, email using the subject line Email Error Report and include that email address. If multiple people in your company would like this notification, talk to your IT staff about establishing a distribution list within your email system and supply SSI with the single email address for that group.