Calendar Displays Incorrectly or Automation Error While Using Calendar in Agvance

Q.  The following error occurred while trying to use the drop-down calendar function in Agvance:

‘Error -2147319765 – Automation Error Element not Found’ 

Another symptom of this issue is the calendar displays the days of the week in the wrong order or the calendar looks different than usual.

A.  The Windows file that controls this calendar technology is named msacal70.ocx. On XP systems, it will most likely be stored in the C:\windows\system32 directory. The SSI IS department recommends unregistering this file. The recommended method for this is as follows:

  1. Go to Start / Run and type 'cmd'. This will bring up a DOS prompt.
    Note: If using Vista or Server 2008, go to the Start menu and right-click on Command Prompt. Choose the option to log in as an administrator.
  2. Type:
    1. 'cd c:\windows\system32' if XP or Vista 32bit
    2. 'cd c:\Windows\syswow64' if Vista 64bit
  3. This should bring up a c:\windows\system32 or c:\windows\syswow64 prompt.
  4. Type 'regsvr32 /u msacal70.ocx'

If that does not solve the problem, re-register the ocx file using this command at the same DOS prompt: regsvr32 msacal70.ocx