Murray Remote Blender Type Option

Q.  What is the Murray Remote Blender Type option, and how does it work?

A.  This option includes a To Remote and a From Remote destination folder selection field on the Blender Interface tab of the Edit A Product Blend Set window.  

The To Remote folder holds the release numbers yet to be processed, and the From Remote folder holds the completed blender files. The status of existing files can be viewed by editing the Blend Ticket and selecting the Automated Blender tab. This tab is displayed on the Blend Ticket window when the Murray Remote product set is used for the blend.  

The extension of the file name will come from the Murray Remote’s product set Shipped from Location Code on the Edit a Product Blend Set window. For example, if the Blend Ticket number is 461 and the Shipped from Location Code is 01, the filename in the To Remote specified folder will be 46101.01, if there was just a single batch. If there are two batches, as in our example above, the files are 46101.01 and 46102.01.

The Shipped from Location Code must be a number from 00 – 99. An Expiration Date is required on the product set that will prevent this Blend Ticket from being used if the date has passed.

If the Edit / Import Automated Blender Files option is used when capturing the blend done quantities, only those tickets with all of their batches completed will display. 

Importing completed jobs from Murray when all batches for the job were not needed

To cancel the remaining batches for a blend job and import only what has been completed, edit the entire ticket and click the Capture Blender button. 

In this example, Blend Ticket 468 was created with five batches for the Murray Remote as shown below: 

Only three of the five batches were needed. The customer has decided that no other loads will be picked up for this Blend Ticket; therefore, it is complete. 

In the Edit mode of the Blend Ticket, the Automated Blender tab displays the completed Release Numbers for the Blend Ticket.

Note that release number 46801 was completed with an additional 2 acres, and ticket 46803 with 4 additional acres with total weights relative to those acreages. This makes the total weight of the completed tickets: 

16,660 + 16,000 + 17,320 = 49,980

Click the Capture Blender button. A warning appears stating not all the tickets are completed. The job is complete so click Yes to continue.

In the Edit to Blender Records window, the Acres in the upper left corner were adjusted to the completed acres, but the Liquid Spraying product still shows the original acres. The user will need to verify the service acres / fee items (other than Acres such as Lbs) are correct. The service / fee items will appear in red in the Done column. The individual product weights have been updated to the actual completed weights from Murray in the Done column: 

49,980 = 8719.172 + 22708.963 + 12280.33 + 2819.03 + 1009.477 + 2443.028

When clicking the OK button on the Edit To Blender Records window, notice the acres on the General tab have been adjusted to the Completed acres.

However, as mentioned earlier, if the acres aren’t adjusted on the Edit to Blender Records window for the service charge (Liquid Spraying) / fee item, they will need to be adjusted to the correct acres on the Products tab of the Blend Ticket.

The Archive checkbox, if selected, creates an Archive folder in the specified From Remote folder and moves the completed batch files to that Archive folder. The batch file extensions remain unchanged at 46801.01, 46802.01, and 46803.01 from our example of completed batch files. Any unused batch files for a completed Blend Ticket in the To Remote folder are deleted.