Error 70 While Creating Satellite Export File

Q.  I received 'Error 70 - Permission Denied' while trying to create a Satellite Export file. How can I fix this issue?

A.  If you receive this error, the transfer file was probably made, but the Transmission report did not print.

  • First, check the option under Satellite Transfer / File / Reprint Export Report. If you find your transfer file in the list then you should reprint the report and send your file to the home office. This indicates that the file was made correctly and is ready to be transferred.


  • If you do not have a file in the list, there was an error creating the file. Select Satellite Transfer / File / Undo Export, and unmark the transfer file using the date that you created the original transmission. This prepares the data to have the transfer file recreated.
  • Recreate your Satellite Export file, and then send your transfer file to your home office.