Agvance and AgriCharts Integration

What is the Agvance-AgriCharts Integration and how does it work?

Agvance Grain provides the ability to import futures prices from AgriCharts to those users who subscribe to AgriCharts for this web service.  Current futures prices can then be imported into Agvance and be used to improve operating efficiencies in several areas.

What does it cost to add this integration with AgriCharts?

The only cost to Agvance users is the cost of subscription for AgriCharts’ web service.  Please contact AgriCharts for pricing of this web service.

What setup is required in Agvance for accessing AgriCharts’ commodity futures prices? 

After subscribing with AgriCharts for the web service, you will need to enter the user ID and password that allows a user to gain access to the AgriCharts system, in the Futures Web Service Setup area of Agvance Grain.  Another setup area in Agvance Grain will allow you to specify the commodities and futures months for which you will need access to pricing information.

How can I benefit from the Agvance-AgriCharts Integration?

You can improve operational efficiencies by having the ability to quickly calculate and have at your disposal, current cash prices for commodities at each of your locations.  You will be able to update those prices instantly.  Current pricing information will be available not only for quick reference when quoting bids to customers, but also to import into purchase contracts to speed up the contracting process and improve pricing accuracy.  You will also be able to archive prices at month end for later use in the Mark to Market process for the current market valuation of contracts.