Adding a Secondary Applicator - SKY Dispatch

Adding a Secondary Applicator

  1. A Primary assignee can be selected by choosing a ticket in List View.
  2. After selecting a ticket, choose Schedules.
  3. In Schedules View, expand the Schedules menu by selecting the menu slider and dragging it up and down.
     Note: Double-clicking on the menu slider expands the menu to its most recent state. A second double-click will minimize the menu.
  4. The Primary assignee will now be in the Job Order. Adding a Secondary can be added by right-clicking on the Job and selecting Add Secondaries.
  5. The Add Secondary Applicators window will appear and prompt for Secondary assignees to be selected. Choose Assign Secondary(s).
  6. The job is now added to the secondary applicator.
  7. In List View, select the same job and the following warning will appear on the search bar.