March 2024 SKY Release Notes


  • SKYW-3856 / Grower360 Notifications LayoutSent Notifications and Notification Settings cards have been added to the Notifications area in SKY Admin for Grower360.


  • SKYC-3250 / Drop-Down Autocomplete – When choosing the Sell From, Ship From, Product Set, and/or Ship Via, beginning to type filters the options available in the drop-down.
  • SKYC-3276 / Batch Set Jobs to Completed – Multiple Blend Tickets can now be selected and set to Completed in SKY Dispatch.
  • SKYC-3243 / Blend Ticket Products – Products is now an available column in the Blend Ticket grid.
  • SKYC-3187 / Type of Work – Choose which Department Classification to use for Types of Work used in SKY Dispatch on the General tab in Company Settings.


Version 4.05


  • HW-10281 / Implement Canadian Unit System – The Metric System for measuring distance, length, volume, weight, etc. was implemented.
  • HW-10658 / Sampling Grid – The mobile app stores the correct OffsetX, OffsetY, and Rotation values for the Sampling grid placement created on the web app.
  • HW-10998 / Import Sampling Water Template – Water sampling results are now supported and make it possible to produce the Aqualenz report used to display water sampling results and give recommendations. Additionally, Sampling - Water was added to the File Type drop-down within the Template Manager where Admins can create templates to import water sampling results. An Add Vendor link is included to set up the automated import of results.
  • HW-11094 / Planting Event/Rec Field Summary Units – The Units calculation calculates correctly in the Field Totals for Manual Planting Recs, Equation Planting Recs, and Planting Events.
  • HW-11149 / Report List – Several thousands of Fields can be selected and the reports will run as expected.


  • HW-10458 / Implement Canadian Unit System – The Metric System for measuring distance, length, volume, weight, etc. was implemented.
  • HW-10811 / Boundary Overlap – Every instance of a multi-polygon overlap and/or single-polygon overlap is cleaned up.
  • HW-11030 / GPS Provider Improvements – The GPS icon (both North and Navigation modes) has been updated to orange, providing indication that an external GPS is being used. Additionally, the tracking detail for Accuracy was updated to state Using External GPS. Finally, DigiFarm was removed from the GPS Provider list within Settings.
  • HW-11112 / Field Details – The warning for the Certified Organic prompt was updated so the buttons available now are Yes or No. Selecting Yes adjusts the toggle on or off. Choosing No keeps the current state of the toggle and does not change it.

Version 4.04


  • HW-9442 / Action Panel, Layers, Reports – Improvements were made to ensure uniform measures across reports and UI stats for coverage types and surfaces. Additionally, all imported Event strips (Application, Planting, and Harvest) and reports to use area calculated from the surfaced stamped grid data were updated.
  • HW-11082 / Import Planting – Planting data imports and surfaces as expected.


  • HW-10552 / Non-Field Feature Water Sampling – The ability to add Water Sampling Events such as irrigation water or sprayer water testing was added to obtain a better understanding of water quality for irrigation and application. Additionally, a new menu option was added to the context menu of the Non-Field Features called Add Sample which gives the ability to enter an optional Event Name and Notes. This will be saved as a Non-Field Feature with details such as Event Name, Season, etc.
  • HW-10785 / Field Setup Tracking GPS Offset – Two new tabs, Front and Back, were added to the GPS Offset panel to set an offset to the front or back.
  • HW-10982 / Scouting – Copying a Scouting Event on a multi-part boundary covers the Entire Field zone.
  • HW-11002 / Sync Caution Symbol – A Caution symbol now displays in the User menu when there are non-synced items. This icon provides non-synced edit details including the Customer, Event, Rec, and Field (if known), along with a message containing details of the issue.
  • HW-11040 / Sync Event Created or Updated on Overlapping Field Boundary – New measures now prevent Event additions and updates with overlapping zones.
  • HW-11129 / Reports Soil Testing Required – The All Fields or No Fields feature for the Soil Testing Required report works as expected.