Sending Files to Applicators through Raven Slingshot

In order to set up Raven Slingshot, first go into Agvance Dispatch. 

  1. Select Setup on the Agronomy Work Order window.
  2. Select Setup on the Raven tab.
  3. Choose Add and enter the Access Key received from Raven along with the URL ( Select OK.
  4. Double-click the <Device ID> column header and select the applicator machines set up with Raven Slingshot. All vehicles with a Raven setup can be linked here.
  5. After entering all machines, navigate to SKY Dispatch / Company Settings and select the Apply tab.
  6. Assign the Raven Slingshot machine to the appropriate applicator(s) to whom files will be sent.
  7. Once a job is assigned to an applicator, reselect the job and choose the Ellipsis in the search bar. Select Send Files.
  8. Browse to the desired files to be sent to the applicator and select Send. The applicator should receive the files on the Raven monitor.