Add-On Charges on Transactions

Add accruals or freight on Purchase Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Purchase Receipts.


  1. Navigate to Accounting / Setup / Inventory / Purchase Add-on Charges
  2. Select Add
  3. At the Add a Purchase Add-on Charge window, enter the ID. This is limited to 10 characters. Add a Description if preferred. 
  4. Optionally select a Classification for the add-on charge.
    Note: To default an add-on charge when certain products are selected on a transaction, add the Product(s) to a Classification and select that Classification at this window. 
  5. If the add-on charge has a Rate that should default on the transaction, enter the amount and choose Percent, Per Billing Unit, or Flat Rate
  6. Select whether the add-on charge should be included in the vendor’s bill or accrued. 
    • When Included in the Vendor’s Bill is selected, the charge is added directly to the vendor’s bill. 
    • When Accrue is selected, the amount accrues to the G/L Account and the Vendor selected. 
  7. Select Save.

Including Add-On Charges

  1. Add a Purchase Invoice, Purchase Order, or Purchase Receipt. 
  2. Select the products for the transaction.
    Note: If the products on the transaction match the products in the Classification set up for the add-on charge, the corresponding add-on charge automatically defaults. 
  3. Double-click in the Add-On column. 
  4. On the Purchase Add-on Charges window, double-click the Charge ID column heading. 
  5. Select the add-on charge. The columns default based on the add-on charge setup but the information can be changed if necessary. 
  6. Select Calculate then choose Save to return to the Add a Purchase Receipt window. 
  7. Select Save to save the transaction.
    Note: If importing a Purchase Order into a Purchase Receipt, add-on charges from the Purchase Order default automatically.